Michael Nolan, President

When Mike Nolan was 14 he started mowing lawns in Village Green, and little did he know it would be just the beginning of something much bigger than anyone could have imagined. At 18 he applied for a DBA, and became incorporated several years later. Even as the company grew the philosophy stayed the same...high quality work and high quality materials, just because something is cheaper doesn't mean it's better.

Mike takes pride in the fact that Affordable Landscaping & Snow Plowing, is a truly local, Baldwinsville based Company. He personally selects all plant material from Chuck Hafner's. Customer service and quality have always been our top priority, that's why he uses only the highest quality materials from local suppliers such as Green Acres, Paragon Supply, Atlas Bituminous and Abbott Farms.

To this day, Mike is on every job, making sure quality is the top priority. He says this is what sets Affordable Landscaping and Snow Plowing apart from all the other "big" landscape operations.



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