Whether you own a new or existing home, Affordable Landscaping & Snow Plowing has a solution for you. We offer a wide range of services including, but not limited to:

Landscape Design & Installation

If you are starting with a blank slate, or need existing landscaping removed and are ready to start over, we can transform your house to a home with outstanding esthetics and curb appeal. We will listen to your ideas, and give you ours, to come up with a design that suits your home and budget.

Professional Landscape Renovation

As well as offering design services, we also offer landscape maintenance services. Including: professional natural edging, shrub and topiary pruning, weeding, and mulch and decorative stone application. Our clients are pleasantly surprised with the hidden beauty in their current landscaping that can be unleashed, usually after only one day.


We take pride in all work, and especially in our hardscaping. Unlike concrete and asphalt, brick pavers will last for decades, that's why having a professional installation is so important. Whether you are interested in a paver sidewalk, patio or landing, we specialize in taking hard to work with areas and making them beautiful and functional. Preparation, planning and proper limestone 'base' are extremely important to any hardscape job. Before choosing any contractor for paver work, ask to see jobs in person that are located in your immediate area. Things to check for are overall 'flatness', wavy or low areas will collect water and cause the pavers to sink further, also be sure to check the 'grading', water should always run away from the house. Lastly, professional grade polymer sand should always be used; this will prevent weed growth and will not erode like sand.

Grading and Drainage Solutions

Standing water can be a nuisance and it can be damaging to your home and foundation. A little grading and proper drainage can move water a long way. Drainage starts with gutters, we do not install gutters, but we can give references. Once you have properly installed gutters, with the use of grading and drainage tile, we can keep the water away from your home.

Shed 'Pads'

Sheds have become very popular over the past several years. Most, if not all, shed builders will require a level limestone base or 'pad' for the shed to sit on.

Aluminum Edging Installation

If you are going to be using any type of decorative stone, in place of mulch, edging is a must. Until several years ago unsightly, plastic edging was the only economical option. Now that aluminum edging has become much more popular, Affordable Landscaping & Snow Plowing has begun purchasing in bulk quantities to help you save.

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