Quiet night!

Good morning all! As of 1:45am, the snow that was supposed to accumulate in our neighborhoods never dropped, and what fell yesterday has melted down to under an inch. We are doing an overnight cleanup for driveways that need it in Bayberry, Village Green and Seneca Knolls. Will keep an eye on the weather for all other neighborhoods. Thanks!

Tuesday, 2/9 Snow Tracking

5:00PM: IF (IF!) we get enough additional accumulation overnight, we will be plowing in any areas that need it. We will update you with something more definitive as we check overnight.


-BALDWINSVILLE: As this latest light band tapers, we find JUST enough snow to plow in MOST of Baldwinsville (Kimbrook, Village Green and Seneca Knolls are short, but we will keep an eye out).

-ALL OTHER AREAS: Snow depth ranges from 1 inch to 2 inches. We will continue to monitor and take measurements, but absent more accumulation, we will revisit overnight. Thanks!

9am: Good morning friends! We watched overnight as some gentle snow rolled in. As of 9am we are at less than 1 inch of fluffy snow throughout our footprint. We’ll keep watching. You just stay warm!


6:45am – The heavier band has entered parts of our territory. We have begun dispatching drivers for Cicero, Clay, Liverpool, and North Syracuse customers. We are holding on Baldwinsville for more accumulation (don’t worry, it’s a matter of WHEN, not IF!).

6:00am – Still minimal accumulation, but the heavier portion of the snow band is close/starting to enter the area. Stay tuned!

5:00am – No significant snow yet. We’ve been checking throughout the night, and what little has trickled in has amounted to 0.25 to 1 inch throughout our territory. The “green blob” on the radar appears to be closing in, so we will be watching!

1/26-1/27 UPDATES

OVERNIGHT UPDATE: We will also be plowing all neighborhoods beginning Wednesday, 2AM — just want to tidy everything up and handle town plow messes. Oddly, in many neighborhoods – Liverpool particularly – the town plows were salting and not plowing. We are conscious of his and will be tending town plow aftermath when it occurs. Thanks!

Hey friends! We will be plowing all neighborhoods beginning at 2PM this afternoon. Stay safe!

January 22-23 Monitoring

4:45PM Friday: We found a pocket where the snow hit harder this afternoon: Our neighborhood in/near Phoenix off River Road has just about 3 inches, so we have dispatched drivers.

4PM Friday: Hey gang! We’ve been watching the skies, driveways and radars throughout the day. The warm temperatures have afforded most accumulation to melt or settle, with a late-afternoon burst giving us about an inch of festive snow – fun to look at, but not yet enough to plow. Of course, we will continue to monitor overnight. Thanks for tuning in!


7:45AM: All areas plowing, starting 8:15AM. Second wave came fast and heavy! Slippery conditions – drive cautiously!

7:00AM: First wave of snow passed without heavy accumulation, and we now wait to see what this new wave will add up to through mid-morning. Stay tuned!

5:30AM: The snow band has dropped into CNY! Snow depths ranging from one-half to 1.5 inches. Our managers are roaming the territory monitoring. No plowing yet.

4:00AM: One-quarter to three-quarters of an inch throughout the territory. We are monitoring a band developing off Lake Ontario which has started dropping toward Syracuse.

New alert service!

Greetings! For those unaware, we are now offering real-time email updates* to our customers regarding snow events (start times, decision-making processes, etc.). We emailed all customers who have an email on file with us as of January 15. If you wish to opt in to this service, email us at office@plowguy.com. Thanks!

*We WILL continue updates here as well, so keep tuning in!