UPDATE: Once drivers finished their first run through the routes, they started right back up at the beginning for a second run. Starting times varied, but everyone should be taken care of a second time by 1PM.

G’morning! All routes have been dispatched for plowing as of 3AM. Be safe out there!

SNOW TRACKER – Sunday 3/10 into Monday 3/11

6AM: Snow band heading eastward out of CNY, with existing 0.75 to 1.25 inches already beginning to melt down. No plowing today other than emergency call-ins.

4AM: 0.75 to 1.25 inches on driveways, with radar indicating snow may stop soon. Will keep an eye on things, but no plowing yet!

2AM: Less than three-quarters of an inch on driveways in all neighborhoods. Managers measuring again at 4AM.

MIDNIGHT: Less than half an inch on driveways in all neighborhoods. Managers instructed to circulate and check in again at 2AM.

8PM: Blacktop showing on driveways in all neighborhoods.


6AM: New special weather statements being issued – 1 to 3 inches per hour! Drivers have been instructed to plow routes again once their first run is through. We will do our best to keep up!

4AM: ALL ROUTES ARE BEING PLOWED. Clay did not fill in until 4am so they got a later start. Be safe everyone – gonna be a wild ride today!

2AM: Lake effect band hitting some areas hard, others not at all, and shifting. We are rolling out plow trucks to areas that have filled in, and as others fill in will continue rolling out.

1AM: Less than one inch of fluff across the territory. Will continue to monitor the lake effect band throughout the night.

February 18 – early morning partial plow

Happy Sunday, everyone! The intermittent whiteouts (between five minutes of blue skies and sunshine) yesterday dropped another inch or two throughout the day. For routes we plowed later in the day, driveways were relatively unaffected. But for those we plowed in the morning, many need attention again. We dispatched crews to plow our northern neighborhoods, including Clay, Kimbrook, Radisson, Soule Road and Wildcreek. We’ll keep an eye out for more snow which could be a tipping point for areas outside of these. Stay warm!

2/17 plowing

Sorry for the delay in updates! Mid-morning we dispatched in areas that had 1.5 inches or more snow in the driveways. This included Clay, Radisson and other pockets of Baldwinsville. An afternoon blast pushed us over 1.5 inches in our remaining neighborhoods, so we are sending crews out to Liverpool, North Syracuse and the remaining Baldwinsville neighborhoods. We should have all routes wrapped up by dinnertime!


6AM: We continued to track the lake effect band throughout the night. While it dipped into CNY on the radar, very little additional snow made it to the ground. The result was a total accumulation of 1 inch or less in all neighborhoods. With clear skies overhead, we will just turn our attention to the next one. Hope everyone is well!

1AM: Our managers have run through the whole territory and see 1 inch or less across all neighborhoods. So no plowing from the evening snow event. We will be keeping an eye on the lake effect band up north to see if it drops into Central New York later in the morning. Stay tuned!

January 21, partial plow

Hey folks! We drove all over creation trying to find plowable snow. We barely found anything above an inch other than pockets of Baldwinsville. We will be plowing in Baldwinsville in the Village, the 370 Corridor, the River Road Corridor, and Radisson. And will keep our eyes to the skies for everywhere else. Stay warm, friends!

Sunday, January 7 afternoon plow

That snow just keeps trickling in! While some drivers are still cleaning up from our earlier runs, we will plan for another full run early this afternoon, to scrape down driveways that need it, and to push aside the town plow messes. Thanks everyone for your patience!


OVERNIGHT PLOW! The snow built up a bit there so we decided to do a full overnight run, aiming to wrap up by morning. It has melted down quite a bit but provides a good opportunity for the drivers to get a safe practice run in. BE SAFE, CUSTOMERS! It’s slippery out there!

Tuesday 6PM: Our managers canvased the territory and observed roughly an inch of accumulation in driveways, give or take. We will be monitoring the radars, skies and drives throughout the next several hours, as more snow is anticipated. If our measurements reach that magic 3 inch mark, we’ll take care of you. Stay tuned!