Lawn repairs

Hey all! While Summer has arrived early, “plowing season” officially just ended April 10. Now that we are free to do repairs, the guys are making their way through to fix up lawns and collect stakes now. If you don’t see repairs done by the 20th or so, please let us know!

Mid-March Storm Tracker

8PM UPDATE: While we are STILL working through the challenges of the daytime snowfall, we DO plan on coming out again overnight to plow anyone who needs it. Thank you for your patience!!

11:30AM: Accumulations are picking up, and it’s HEAVY stuff. We will be conducting a full plow this afternoon and into the evening commute.

9:00AM: Still less than half an inch in most driveways due to melt. We’re watching the system creep toward us from Albany!

-6:00AM: Snow just moving in from the east. Some driveways just turning gray.

-4:00AM: Driveways still blacktop.

-2:00AM: Earlier light flurries melted on driveways which warmed up during Monday.

Saturday, March 4 Storm Tracker

9:00AM: No second wave of snow, but with the messy roads we will be back around to check for town plow messes late morning to mid afternoon.

-3:00AM: Snow is EXTREMELY heavy. Multiple equipment breakdowns within first hour of plowing. Please be patient with us!

-1:30AM: Break in the snowfall. Not too deep but heavy and wet. Dispatching crews to all neighborhoods for 2AM start time. Will also be monitoring Wave 2 of this storm, due to hit in a couple hours or so.

-MIDNIGHT: Waiting for the first wave to stop. Harnessing our Chi.

Tuesday, Feb 28 Storm Tracker

8AM – Our managers are reporting roughly 1/2 inch of new snowfall since beginning our overnight plow run. Snow is turning to sleet, which should shortly turn to rain as temperatures rise to further melt the snow. At this point, there will be no need for a second plow run. We will continue to monitor the situation.

2AM – the first wave has deposited between 1 and 3 inches of heavy stuff. We have dispatched the full crew to plow all neighborhoods over the next several hours.

Friday, 2/24 afternoon plow

We will be doing a full plow this afternoon. We are staggering plow times a bit based on where the snow is settling. With this being a “fun” light and fluffy snow type which shouldn’t trap folks in their driveways, we wanted to give the band time to move along before we cleaned things up. We should be through all neighborhoods by the end of the work day.

Tuesday, 1/31 Storm Tracker

10:30AM UPDATE: Dispatching Village Green, neighborhoods around Downer/690 intersection and Lakeland.

10:00AM UPDATE: Dispatching in Baldwinsville along 370/River Road neighborhoods.

9:00AM UPDATE: Still monitoring and dispatching where needed. Currently plowing in: Cicero, Clay, parts of North Syracuse, Baldwinsville neighborhoods NORTH of Route 31, Liverpool ALONG SOULE ROAD ONLY.

8:00AM UPDATE: Found some more pockets of snow along Soule Road. Have dispatched plow operators to these neighborhoods.

7:15AM UPDATE: Now that the band has passed, it seems there’s enough to plow areas North of Route 31. We have begun dispatching, and will be plowing driveways that need it over the next several hours.

6:30AM UPDATE: Heavier snow fall has moved into the area. Plowing will begin in Clay and Cicero at 7AM. Keeping an eye on other northern areas as the band moves through.

5AM UPDATE: Overnight snowfall did not amount to much – half inch to an inch in most neighborhoods. Will be watching the incoming lake effect snow band.