Tuesday, 1/31 Storm Tracker

10:30AM UPDATE: Dispatching Village Green, neighborhoods around Downer/690 intersection and Lakeland.

10:00AM UPDATE: Dispatching in Baldwinsville along 370/River Road neighborhoods.

9:00AM UPDATE: Still monitoring and dispatching where needed. Currently plowing in: Cicero, Clay, parts of North Syracuse, Baldwinsville neighborhoods NORTH of Route 31, Liverpool ALONG SOULE ROAD ONLY.

8:00AM UPDATE: Found some more pockets of snow along Soule Road. Have dispatched plow operators to these neighborhoods.

7:15AM UPDATE: Now that the band has passed, it seems there’s enough to plow areas North of Route 31. We have begun dispatching, and will be plowing driveways that need it over the next several hours.

6:30AM UPDATE: Heavier snow fall has moved into the area. Plowing will begin in Clay and Cicero at 7AM. Keeping an eye on other northern areas as the band moves through.

5AM UPDATE: Overnight snowfall did not amount to much – half inch to an inch in most neighborhoods. Will be watching the incoming lake effect snow band.

1/23 – Spot checking/servicing

Good morning! While we didn’t get 3 inches in any of our serviced neighborhoods, there are some areas in and around Cicero, Clay and North Syracuse that could use some attention. We will be spot checking these neighborhoods and plowing driveways that need it. Thank you!

Catching your drift

We will be sending our operators around to check driveways beginning around 2:30AM. While we didn’t get a lot of snow, the wind pushed it around enough to create some funky snow drifts. We will take a look around and clean up any driveway that needs it (i.e., drifting over 3 inches).

Hope everyone has a warm, SAFE holiday!


Have you guys seen the wild weather ahead? Regardless of potential plowing practices, we just wanted to amplify the messages local forecasters are putting out there. Folks, things are going to be DANGEROUS as we approach Christmas. Conditions may provide a “perfect storm” for horrible and unsafe driving. A warm-up with lots of rain, followed by a tremendous and rapid temperature drop which will create thick and slick sheets of ice, which then may be obscured by snow, will make things deceptively precarious. PLEASE, PLEASE, be careful. And pass the word on to friends and loved ones.

December 16-17: Cleaning up that muss

Hey folks! We are aware that many driveways have lingering muck and heavy slosh that has accumulated since our last plow. We will be conducting driveway cleanups for all driveways that need it, this evening into early morning. No need to contact us – we’ll be checking every driveway. Thanks!

Overnight visit (not from Santa)

We hope you are all reading this while safely at home, because it is nasty out there! Unless we get tons of rain and this snow miraculously melts, we will be plowing overnight. Even if the snow depth doesn’t get too high, this isn’t your friendly shovelin’ snow. And we’re mindful of more potential snow on the way, so we’ll want to clear the way for that. STAY SAFE, friends!

Not quite yet…

Hey folks! Just popping on to let you know that at this time we will not be plowing. For those of you who didn’t venture outside (you didn’t miss much…) to measure, we didn’t hit our 3 inch minimum anywhere in CNY. While it was wet and yucky, we ended up with under 2 inches across the board. We will keep an eye on things the next several hours, but the expectation is for a quiet night. Hope you are all are safe at home, preparing for the holidays!

November 21 Snow Event

Hello! SOME of our drivers are going to get a healthy practice run in tonight! The heavy snow band dropped in from the north for a bit, leaving enough snow for us to plow in Radisson/Phoenix, much of Clay, and a few pockets along Route 31. All other areas were personally checked by our managers but snow depth in driveways did not reach the 3-inch requirement. And don’t worry – the weather turns darn-near tropical before Thanksgiving, so any lingering snow will be a distant memory by the time the bird comes out of the oven! Hope everyone has a nice holiday.