Thank you for visiting our page! Our routes have reached capacity and we are unable to activate any outstanding contracts or entertain new quotes. At this time we can’t make exceptions and will not have time to respond to inquiries. Please, please check in with us again next year. We really appreciate you considering us.


We have halted accepting new quote requests AND WILL SOON BE CLOSING ACTIVATIONS FOR OUTSTANDING/UNPAID CONTRACTS for the 2022-23 season. All routes are at or near capacity. As we pride ourselves on providing high quality customer service, we must manage our growth in a way that doesn’t spread our existing resources too thin. We hope you will keep us in mind next year (and please try to reach us earlier in the fall).

CUSTOMERS WHO HAVEN’T PAID FOR CONTRACTS YET: The very latest day we can accept/activate contracts will be OCTOBER 31, 2022 — AND POSSIBLY SOONER for routes that fill before that date. DO NOT DELAY.

Thank you!

Don’t let the heat fool you…

Winter (sigh) is on its way! Just a heads up that this past Friday (8/26) we dropped contracts in the mail to everyone who was our customer at the end of last season. Give us a holler if you don’t see yours soon. And take a peek at the “Q&A” tab above for some detail on pricing decisions. Thank you everyone, and stay cool, for now…

Post-Contract snowfall

With some not-so-friendly weather due April 18 into April 19, we wanted to remind you of our Out-of-Season procedures. We do not conduct automatic plowing for snow of any depth after April 10. For emergencies we have a “skeleton crew” available for on-call plowing, and the customer will be invoiced at our per-plow rate (see your contract for rates). Email us at [email protected] to request an emergency plow, IF NEEDED. If there is significant snowfall please be patient, as our reduced staff may be handling heavy call volume. We’ll do our best (and hope for some FAST melting)!

Oh yeah…snow….

You didn’t think winter was done with us, did you? While the weather gods wanted to drop a reminder on us overnight, we didn’t get enough to merit plowing. With the exception of a pocket here or there, we measured between 1 and 2 inches on driveways in our neighborhoods. As this is below the 3 inch threshold AND we fear causing significant lawn damage on the softened ground, we feel it best to let it lie.

Thanks all!

Sunday, March 13

With mostly sunny skies (as of this post) and the last threatening snow band having passed through, we are measuring about an inch of snow in most neighborhoods. No plowing today. Maybe some sledding… Hope everyone enjoys your Sunday!

March 12 Storm/Plowing Tracker

Well hello there! As with previous “big window” storms, we’re going to track this one as it comes. We will update you on the go, with the latest update being closest to the top, below. CAUTION: Due to temperatures dropping so quickly, roads and driveways are VERY slippery. BE CAREFUL!

SPECIAL NOTE: Regardless of the “non-plowy” updates below, we plan to plow all driveways that need it today. It’s just a matter of when. We want to (a) Hold out until there is enough to plow (close to the contracted 3+ inches, and/or heavy enough to be problematic for you), and (b) Try to avoid plowing too soon, then having your driveways fill back in with an inch of heavy, slick snow.

11AM: With the snow clearing out, we have dispatched drivers to 13212, 13088, 13041 and 13039 neighborhoods. Thanks!

10AM: Dispatching drivers to neighborhoods off Soule Road and Bayberry areas. Waiting for snow to leave before dispatching in 13088, 13212, 13039 and 13041 zip codes.

8AM: We are plowing in Baldwinsville, Phoenix, Seneca Knolls/Village Green and Lakeland neighborhoods, dispatching starting at 8AM. Monitoring all other neighborhoods, but not plowing elsewhere yet (see note above).

6AM: Measuring between 1 and 2 inches. Across territory. Warmth from yesterday and wet surfaces helping melt things down a bit. Radar showing signs of pushing toward the East, but we will stay tuned in.. STILL VERY SLIPPERY.

4AM: Measuring just under an inch across the territory. Watching radar, doing a full check again around 6AM.

2AM: Snow just starting to move into CNY, coating lawns and driveways.