March 12 Storm/Plowing Tracker

Well hello there! As with previous “big window” storms, we’re going to track this one as it comes. We will update you on the go, with the latest update being closest to the top, below. CAUTION: Due to temperatures dropping so quickly, roads and driveways are VERY slippery. BE CAREFUL!

SPECIAL NOTE: Regardless of the “non-plowy” updates below, we plan to plow all driveways that need it today. It’s just a matter of when. We want to (a) Hold out until there is enough to plow (close to the contracted 3+ inches, and/or heavy enough to be problematic for you), and (b) Try to avoid plowing too soon, then having your driveways fill back in with an inch of heavy, slick snow.

11AM: With the snow clearing out, we have dispatched drivers to 13212, 13088, 13041 and 13039 neighborhoods. Thanks!

10AM: Dispatching drivers to neighborhoods off Soule Road and Bayberry areas. Waiting for snow to leave before dispatching in 13088, 13212, 13039 and 13041 zip codes.

8AM: We are plowing in Baldwinsville, Phoenix, Seneca Knolls/Village Green and Lakeland neighborhoods, dispatching starting at 8AM. Monitoring all other neighborhoods, but not plowing elsewhere yet (see note above).

6AM: Measuring between 1 and 2 inches. Across territory. Warmth from yesterday and wet surfaces helping melt things down a bit. Radar showing signs of pushing toward the East, but we will stay tuned in.. STILL VERY SLIPPERY.

4AM: Measuring just under an inch across the territory. Watching radar, doing a full check again around 6AM.

2AM: Snow just starting to move into CNY, coating lawns and driveways.