February 18 Snow Tracker

Hey folks! We’re keeping an eye on this morning’s snowfall to see if we need to “make a move” on it. Below are our updates, with the most recent being at the top:

MID-AFTERNOON:  Apologies for the late update – snow just kept trickling in. We ended up plowing other areas of Baldwinsville and Kimbrook as needed (if they approached our 3+ inch threshold).

NOON:  Additional snow accumulated, meriting plowing in the Village of Baldwinsville and Radisson. Other nearby areas at 1.5″, and are being monitored.

10AM:  Snow is dissipating. At this time – unless things change – there are no plans for residential plowing.

9AM:  0.5 to 1.25 inches across territory. Radar showing signs of breaking up. Will continue watching and checking driveways in all neighborhoods.

8AM:  0.25 to 0.75 inches across territory. Will monitor in field and radars/forecasts.