January 10 Morning Plowing Log

Hey folks! The snow is accumulating at different rates throughout the territory. Instead of burying posts as we roll out service, we will continue to update service times in THIS post, listed from earliest to most recent. Please keep in mind in a TYPICAL snow event (too early to tell if this will be typical or crazy!), routes take 4 to 5 hours to complete.

-RADISSON: Drivers dispatched at 2AM

-BAYBERRY: Drivers dispatched at 2AM

-SOULE ROAD CORRIDOR: Drivers dispatched at 2:15AM

-CLAY: Drivers dispatched at 2:30AM

-KIMBROOK: Drivers dispatched at 3AM

-3AM GENERAL UPDATE: Managers measuring between 0 and 1.25 inches in rest of customer neighborhoods. Continuously monitoring the weather, forecasts and radar.